Everyday one Post in January

Hey Trippers was geeeeeht,

man I miss being out there in nature, on the cliffs, by the sea, in the wind, with the breeze surrounded by warm weather.

My current Plans

I am not only referring to the cicrumstances on our planet right now but also to winter in Germany. It has been quiet a while since I stayed for many consecutive month in my country of birth during the cold season.

The last time I can recall was 2015 when I moved back to Berlin for some time.

The good news is I am planning to head out soon. I have booked a flight with some brazilian travel agency called Breno Viagems. But how it is with Brazilians many times, it is a mystery when and how things will work since our flight on the 6th of February got cancled. We are promised to receive a new flight on the 20th of January. If that won't happen then we still a travel voucher from TAP Airlines because our flights last year with them were all suspended.

My creative Ideas

2 days ago I had the Idea to create a new Project probably with the help of a go-fund-me website. I want to aquire a big piece of land and everybody that contributes will have lifetime access. But it seems that realizing this Projekt will still take some time.

Right now I am still very focused on posting daily here on Trippin' through Dimensions and see where this takes me. I am also trying to create a fanbase for my music with the help of some fanbaseacadamy programm I purchased the other day for 297.- Euro. The 3rd heavy time consuming task I created for myself is posting also daily on YahYel & Freunde, my E.T. website, to offer sales each day for the products in the intergalatic market. Last but not least Rapezito received new and fresh Rapé from the jungle and we are starting to put that out on the market in January as well.

What I have accomplished so far

I was able to finish two Video Projects I want to share with you here. One is about my Year of 2019 in which I decided to film as much as possible throughout the year and the other one is the first video for TTD talking about how we aim to Purify during our Adventures we offer here. There are 5 more Principles I am trying to make visible soon.

Enjoy the Videos and more from us tomorrow.


My Year 2019


Have a great day!

This is I, lit, living the live wishing you a nice Trip!

From the heart,


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