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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Trippin' on Ilha Grande 2020 | 06.03 - 14.03 | Part 2

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This is it


After some hours of exploration and hiking we suddenly arrive in - Praia do Itaguaçu -. By now all densifying energies have left our system. Our mind is clear and our body rejuvenated.


Time for a refreshing bath in the hot summer brazilian sun.


Time is passing in a perfect speed and we created enough space to hang out here for as long as we want. The evening darkness is the only considerable variable to make our way back home.


Let's take some pictures to show the world how blessed we are and how beautiful our planet can be.


Brazilian summer is a force to be reckon with. So we always need to find places with shadows if we don't want to overdose on sunscreen. Luckily for us Ilha Grande is full of trees and therefore plenty of shadow. Sometimes there is also contructions which can be used by whoever comes first.


If nothing is there naturally we can always rely on our freestyle sunprotection huts. They are not only useful but also build with creativity and fun.


Not your average travel company

Our trips aim to help us to create our own unique freedom, to the maximum extend possible, from our collective human life experience on planet earth.
The plan is for you to pick your own time to do things and be brave to go on your own little adventures while we travel together. There is always guiding. We also come up with playshops but one idea is for you to explore freedom, from your own point of view.

- Freedom -

We always offer our Trippers multiple options and therefore it can happen that our paths during the day split up.

In this case two of us stayed at the beach while the other two went on for more hours of hiking through the increadible nature of - Ilha Grande -.

So let's head into the jungle once more...


Cross the next beach...


And walk above some mountains...

Be ready for life to be lived to its fullest. Sudden changes, unexpected obstacles and many surprises may force you to show extra endurance and strong will to continue. Some phenomena might lead to letting go of known behaviours and old imprinted believes. It will all be worth it!

- Terms & Conditions -


Our Tripper was about to turn around because she didn't know if she could make it after already walking for many hours. With the heart beating rapidly and sweat running down her body she stuck in there and made it all the way to the west end of the Island where we arrived at - Gruta do Acaia -.


West end of the Island


At the Achaia Cave which lays on the west end of Ilha Grande we can encounter a special phenomena that is said to be created by a specific kind of glowing plankton.

But first we need to take all our bravery togheter again to walk through small tunnels that are only to be passed crouching because they are a lot smaller than our body is tall.

The smile in her face after going through all those challenges was priceless.

Time to head back from a long day trip of many memorable moments and places. It is sometimes hard to believe and almost impossible to integrate for the mind what can be lived in just one day.


The next morning


Like always during our stay in - Praia de Araçatiba - we are being served delicious breakfast with many options for fresh fruits and juices by our excellent host Luiz.


The Sun is out and we are ready to start our next adventure.

Trippin' on Ilha Grande 2020 | 06.03 - 14.03 | Part 2

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