DISTANCE | Biketour through the Peninsula

> DISTANCE | Biketour through the Peninsula <

The warm concrete is slicing through the vegetation. On it 4 tires from 2 bikes packed with enough provisions to last for a few days.

The bags are tight up with ropes to the back part so we have everything we need in this less inhabited area of Yucatan. The sun is setting and throwing a long shadow to the left side and we have yet to find a camping place. We need to keep spinning the wheels soon but yet I feel no anxiety.

To be able to sleep in nature and spent the night surrounded by the jungle is a real blessing and instead of insecurities of the unknown I feel guided which gives me a calm feeling. In nature it is common for me to feel save and have a knowing that everything will be just fine.

It is one way for us to feel freedom in our sometimes very busy life on the flipside. Travelling by bike for many days also slows down time and creates a whole new relationship to distance. What usually takes hours to get to can easily be more than one day travelling like that.

We are on our way to explore ancient Mayan temples on the puuc route and do it freely in our own timing which is a key element on our trips through dimensions.

What was your best bike tour so far?

Let us know in the comments below!

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