DISCOVERIES | Chilling in the natural pools of Pedra Azul

> DISCOVERIES | Chilling in the natural pools of Pedra Azul <

Simon and I found this place moved by our curiosity, adventure spirit and the desire to be in nature. At this time we were living in a city called Marechal Floriano, located in the state of Espírito Santo. This municipality is known for its very well preserved Atlantic Forest area, being one of the best places to see it of Espírito Santo state. Simon and I knowing that, we couldn't wait any longer to be in contact with this bioma. So, we woke up early, grabbed our backpacks and hit the road, having Pedra Azul as our final destination. The bus ride was basically short from where we were and the weather helped to make everything even more beautiful. Already from the outside part of the park it was possible to see a huge waterfall between the mountains. Arriving at the park you have a lot of info and foresters taking care of the area. The walk to the top is quite easy and relaxing, especially when with the birds singing for you on the way. One of the toughest parts for me is the moment you need to climb a very steep wall – you have some ropes to help you on the way up, however i always tried my best to do not look down . For me it was a little bit scary but I love challenges. And well, I don’t even need to say how worthy it was ‘cause I think the picture talk through itself. We reached the top and it was basically just us there, surrounded by nature. Me, Simon, a natural pool and this unbelievable landscape. I just surrendered to mother nature’s beauty and power. I could feel this pure air through my lungs and the nature breeze. Purification and Connection played a big part at this moment. It is a privilege to connect with this planet in such meaningful way. Be in the wild just keep reminding me how we need nature in our lives and that we are, fortunately, part of it. When was the last time you found an amazing place in nature?

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