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Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Hi Trippers was geeeeht,

I am sitting on the stairways to our current stay location. We are in a Plattenbau, which is a German term for a really low budget living bunker. We were able to get a place here through a guy from Georgia who is travelling to India for 18 days and offered us his place for that time. I am actually writing this already on Saturday 1 day later than the last BLOG. I am waiting for my girlfriend to bring the keys and I don't find any higher excitement right now than to write this down.

We were supposed to meet the guy at 21.30 but Brazilian time management still hasn't caught up to European German standards. So we were 10 minutes late and the guy already left. So we now have to meet him at his job which is about 20 minutes away in the hotel he works to be able to get the keys. Just 10 minutes and we would have entered a completely different timeline in which I wouldn't be writing these letters to you. What big differences short moments in life can bring. Anyways I am also glad to have another place for at least 18 days.


Now it is Friday, so I am writing this column here 6 days later than the 2 above. Today I helped Txai Jo-Anderson move some stuffs. It was so much fun to rent the car and talk to the worker there. I mentioned a lot of details to him that most people would probably keep a secret renting a car. I told him straight up I cut my passport, I stayed with indigenous people in the jungle, I don't have a German address, last time I rented a car I got flashed for speeding but never paid the bill and that there is no way he will find me if anything goes wrong because I also don't use a cell phone. I am really currently registered in Brazil in a Favela and the longest I have stayed in one place since I left Berlin again 2016 was 44 days before coming back last year for another 3 month to a place you all should know if you follow my BLOG. So I am just keeping it real and not being afraid of what will happen and what people think. The best part was that he actually celebrated what I am doing and still rented us the car. He was giving me the look like: "you are crazy but I really respect you!". And honestly I have paid almost all my tickets using Berlin public transport and the car was in really good hands since in 15 years I only had one little accident. I have not lied to anybody or anyone just to get something the easy way since a long time or because of fear. And it feels like it is really starting to pay off on my journey. Lots of people I still come across still use those little lies to get around and I understand but I just don't want to vibe like this anymore. For example when I arrived at the German airport with my earth passport the police asked me if I take drugs and I straight up said yes. When they asked why I do stuffs like that I told them because I don't like our system and at the end of the day they just let me go and never fined me.

It's been almost a week in our new place and we like it. But I must admit I am almost completely drained of energy. I didn't even take one picture to show you. I can't even find words for how exhausted I am. I have been building VLOGs and creating many Events. I stayed up until 5,6,7 am in the morning the last days and worked probably 12-14 hour shifts. I basically just worked, ate and slept.

I guess this is the world many of us find themselves in and I really wonder how we keep up with it? That's one of the reasons I cut my passport and answered like this to the police =).

Yesterday I got to go out to buy groceries which was amazing to breath some fresh air. The food my lovely best on my side bought at the Tafel for 5 Euro, which is a German organisation that helps homeless or low income people with food, lasted until Thursday. We calculated that it was about 1 Euro a day for food we would spend if we would keep this lifestyle up. That is not too bad but I somehow feel it could also be better.

So I am still on my path trying to create income and more self worth in my life. Thank you for participating by reading and you will hear from me next Friday!

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice trip!

from the heart,


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