COLOR | Golden lightshower in Guaratiba

> COLOR | Golden lightshower in Guaratiba <

The bronze tainted Skin by the evening sunset gives a warm good bye to a wonderful day.

We are looking with awe to the spectrum of color this scenery is offering to us. Especially the types of green that are being brought into our eye by the vegetation seem endless. The variety of plants is countless and the only known ones to me are the huge Banana leaves.

The sky is turned so bright that it covers the clouds and blue color lying right behind it. Looking closely I can see so many light dots interacting with shadows and shadows covering the intense fields of enlightened beauty.

Wild running hair from hours of hiking through nature reflects the uncontrollable ways of existence and returns the sensation of being a carefree child being merged with the moment.

A very slight cooling wind is creating movement between the leaves to a point that brings no more doubt that this place is just as alive as our bodies.

In moments like this it is impossible to miss out on a deep sense of pureness for my fiancé and me. The connectivity between our beings and the being of planet earth is obvious to a point in which the interweaving is really felt. We feel extremely purified, worry free and we are sure you are too.

When was your last colorful moment?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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