Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Hey Trippers,

It is Friday! Now it seems we have a rhythm.

Where am I?

I am back to Berlin. Back to my brother Elmar's place (the "landlord =)"). We are only with our "own" place to stay from the 6th on. So I asked in the group with probably my closest friends so far if they have a space for me to be in for 2-3 days.

Since we are two and it is not just me we always have to create a 3rd being in that sense that is the most comfortable with the situation. I might prefer one thing and my girlfriend another but it is most important for us right now that our being together feels the most comfortable. So we chose Elmar's place.

Here it is always very magical. Before our trip to Iceland I had a dream with Doppelkeks cookies. When we went to Penny market to buy food for our trip because we did not have enough money to buy food in Iceland, the cookies appeared right in front of my face. I was like hmmm, I just dreamed about them funny. So I took a pack and brought it to our trip. I used to eat them when I was still playing Basketball and always dipped them in milk. By now I do not drink milk anymore. I also try to not use cheese anymore and other diary products. For this year I would love to go vegan but not hardcore vegan. But this is just a side note. Anyways, I am now sitting with my laptop in front of the Doppelkecks. I have 2 Euros left for the coming month (being already -498 Euro with a -500 limit) but I have these cookies to eat today that my friend Elmar left in the room he is giving us to stay in. It almost makes me cry but I feel like I really have everything I need.

Today waking up I remembered the dream I had about those Doppelkecks cookies and I was like 'aaaha I got you!'. So I am learning that there really is a timless now communicating with me all the time, sending me signs and taking care of me throughout my life journey. It is so beautiful to know that something is there all the time. Muito Gratidao!

Our friend Manu will pick us up on Sunday to help us move to Chorin where we rented an Airbnb for a month. I am excited for this time there and creating my first home- and handmade German Rapé. I am sure I will write the next BLOG entry from there.

Now my Girlfriend is skyping with her colleagues from University. Her studies continue on monday and she will be very busy like it seems. I want to try to go out and see if my Bank still pays me money =P. I remember my Uncle like it was yesterday. Once we were togehter and I must have been very young. I am guessing between 12-15 years old. When someone asked him who is paying for his vacation he answered the bank does. That was very amusing for me. He is also an artist and goes through ups and downs especially financially. But he made his passion his job which is amazing.

Even though we have very different believes he is still an idol to me making a living with his talents. I love people who live their passion and do not give up. It inspires me to be who I am. I always have discussions with people because of the way I am. It is not always easy and it can really offend me and makes me feel little. But it does not take long for me to recover and find strength and self love to who I came to be.

So me and my aunt had a big discussion almost leading to me and my girlfriend to go separate ways. I am glad we are still together but also glad to learn again to love myself for what I am. There are so many believes on planet earth and it is a great place to learn about all the differences beings can have in such a compressed living space. All I am trying to do is keep it 100 and let as much as I can run through me to the surface. I am definitely still holding back a lot but it feels like I am perfectly on my path. I am looking forward to reading my own BLOG in some month or years to see how I advanced. I really believe 2019 and the next couple years will accelerate my style of living and being even more and I want to have a platform to try to keep track of it. Thank you all for being here and I love you from the bottom of my heart!

Until next Friday! So be it!

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice Trip.

from the heart,


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