CHALLENGES | Trying to breath at Salar de Uyuni

> CHALLENGES | Trying to breath at Salar de Uyuni <

Welcome to probably one of the most challenging trips of my life. I never took my time to think that travel from a sea level city up to a dessert located at 3700m of altitude would be so tough to handle. Here we are: I am fulfilling one of my dreams, visiting the biggest salt desert in the world but with a little bit of pressure in my head and for sure a lack of oxygen in my lungs. At least that's the feeling. Well, nobody said that be able to live your dreams would always be easy, right?

However, how can I not get fascinated with this place? Can you imagine that some thousands – or even millions – of years ago this beautiful desert was a huge lake? Yeah, me neither! It is more than 12.000km² of salt and beautiful landscapes.

To arrive here wasn’t that easy. We took a bus from Paraguay to Villamontes already in Bolivia, then from there we took a really little taxi to Tarija. In Tarija we then took another van to Potosi and, at night, we finally got to Uyuni also by van. The good part is that you can know a little bit of all these places, eat the local food, talk to the locals… The bad part is that, at some point, you just wanna arrive to your bed.

No matter how long and challenging this adventure is, the thing is that I couldn’t be any happier to have the opportunity to visit such a unique place in Bolivia. Show me what you got, Uyuni! I am absolutely happy to be here!

And what about you: do you like challenging trips or a calmer and lighter journey?

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