CHALLANGING | Climbing on Pedra da Gávea

> CHALLANGING | Climbing on Pedra da Gávea <

A highway is cutting through the land like a sharp knife. The tall business city buildings, on the left of it are no taller than my fingers from here. The highly praised astonishing play between flat sea and extremely curvy mountains becomes obvious having this perspective on one of the areas of Rio de Janeiro called Barra de Tijuca.

Little and big lakes in between the neighborhoods as well as green topped mountains, combined with still standing pieces of forest, make this part a true masterpiece mixture of human made concrete jungle with nature. There is also a more openly built village type scenery looking down to the right. One more pinpoint for the diversity Brazil has to offer.

It is such a bright and sunny day that very far ahead I can see to other mountains melting with the water on the left and making their way nonstop into the landscape going inwards towards the land. Up on Pedra da Gavea little trees are partly blocking the sun from total exposure to my body and it is fairly green. The colder air up here is wonderfully fresh and since I walked up all the way from the bottom my lungs are calling for it.

I brought a few goods in a duffle bag but since these mountains raise directly out of the city I didn’t need to bring up much. Also this mountain I can explore in a day trip. It is very windy and coming up here is no joke, especially since we came without a rope which isn’t recommended by the locals. That once more opened the door for me to experience deep trust in my body and face fearful challenges head to head. Now having gone through it I sense a deep satisfaction and feeling of pure freedom inside my being because I forgot about climbing all that down again.

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