Can I make 7 weeks Brazil with less than 100 Euro?

Was geeeeeeeht Trippers,

Friday time!

Let us get right to it. Last Friday night, when I ended the last BLOG, we were heading to a jazz concert in Berlin in the famous ZigZag jazzbar. It was a birthday present from my finacé and we made it worth. The concert was straight up incredible. The line-up was newly formed and featured some of Germans best Jazz musicians. Many times I got so lost in the music that I had to close my eyes and started trippin' through dimensions.

By the time the concert was over we realized that we had missed our last train. It was almost midnight and the next possible opportunity to arrive in Chorin was at 03.50 in the morning. So we were again stranded in Berlin. But since this might arguably be the best city to go out because it is always busy, we didn't really care too much. We ended up taking Trains throughout the city and hitting a reggae club, so that we missed the 03.50 opportunity to go home. The next Train left at 5:37 and we came home after 6am in the morning.

On Saturday my friends came to visit unexpectedly because I had originally planed to host a Rapé ceremony. Since nobody came this time around we just made us comfy and hung out chilled the whole day. Generally speaking I had a very laid back weekend.

On Monday it was time to fill up the fridge which had become completely empty. It wasn't until Wednesday till some food arrived because we missed the opening hours on Tuesday. From this perspective it looks like our life is really chaotic. Well I must admit it can go that way indeed. But everything ended up working out and now we have a full fridge for about 10 Euro in total. Until today there is more than enough food.

Something I learned during my journey on earth and the last years, that life always supports us and there is no true need for worry. In the now there is really always abundance. Just in our minds we can create terrible and fearful scenarios. If I always focus in the present there truly is always what I need. Not always what I want but always what I need.

I started learning about this attribute of creation when I started travelling back in 2013. There are countless moments until now in which circumstances seemed to get critical but hey, here I am healthy and well of. These last 6 years have been more than a bliss. I got to meet so many people, like minded and completely different. But most of all I met myself and parts of me that really make life less complicated and aspects that just flow through it when I let it happen.

From working on a farm to many many parties, meeting people from all over the planet, going out in nature and just the joy of being alive. These are just some experiences to name a few of the amazing times source made possible for me.

The best of it all... I am going back to where it all started on Sunday night. Luckily I booked a flight way back in time to Brazil which is taking off Monday, stopping in Rom and touching down in one of my favourite countries Tuesday morning. I am bringing my camera and will hopefully be able to create some content for a VLOG. All I have left is around 380 real to hold myself over water for 7 weeks. It will be such a crazy experience and I can't wait to get it all started once more.

Now it is time to pack my bags and get ready since there is not too much time left. If you are interested what else I have been doing this week check out my finished "how to make rapé" 7 part series that I worked on all week to create amazing medicine for the people. Also I made my first Video log that will be found on my youtube-channel soon.

See you all next week... from most probably Ilha Grande!

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice trip!

from the heart,


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