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> CAMPING | Beachhome in Isla Blanca <

A soft air breeze is hissing through the canga my finacé is wearing. My swimming pants are being dried by it but the trees and umbrellas stand unaffected in the white sands. Behind all this are the epic turquoise waters that we usually know from travel agency commercials or drone shots.

This half Island strip close to Cancun is called Isla Blanca and we were fortunate enough to find an incredible camping space underneath the little tree. The shadow contribution from the green leaves is crucial in these hot temperatures that are operating here day in and day out. It doesn’t help to have no clouds in the sky but the water is just perfect to take a bath at any time and refresh the body, soul and spirit.

We are not the only ones staying out here and the owners from the restaurant are friendly enough to not bother the camping society in this part of the private land. I love to have my mobile minimal home in form of a tent with me and sleeping in nature itself is a true blessing.

All you can see in this picture is actually part of a 3 month trip through south and Central America that is coming to an end in a few days from here.

To wake up and fall asleep in so many different places and nature settings can even be too overwhelming but I would always do it again and nothing beats opening the eyes for the first time a day to scenery like this.

Where is your favourite place to camp?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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