BOYS | Trippin' through Mushroom Realms

> BOYS | Trippin' through Mushroom Realms <

In the back we are seeing a nice radiation of light covering the horizontal sunset strip that is happening in this moment. The place we are in reminds me of a prairie and in the distance you can spot these flat top sand stone mountains that are common in western movies.

It is hard to believe we are in Germany considering this but taking a closer look it becomes obvious. The perfectly mowed even cut grass and protected babytrees, to help them grow as straight as possbile, show the immense structure based conciousness that is reflected here in this country.

There are also small areas of wood that make up mini forests which is common in a German landscape. On the left you can see the spotless looking hiking trail next to the big road. There are also some apple trees that are growing delicious apples around this time of the year in the sächsische Schweiz national park.

We are on the verdge the get out of our golden teacher mushroom experience that was with us half of the day. To go on trips like that it is best to do it with close friends and trusted people. In the picture you can see the boy. We have grown a strong friendship over the years and it is so nice to have close friends like him in my life.

The experience we lived up to this point was wonderful going to the devils wall into a little canyon and coming out of the heaves gate. Especially doing tall this on magic mushrooms. As the sun was setting we found a huge meadow to have some snacks and talk about life.

After that on the way home we had one of the most increadible golden ray sunsets I have seen in life but maybe it was part of being under the influence. The way the golden light hit into to forest had me stuck magnetically to the vision I was experiencing hardly believeing my eyes.

All in all it was a amazing day with the boys and times like this I cherish the most during my earthly incarnation.

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