BOUNDLESS | Bordercrossing Bolivia/Peru

> BOUNDLESS | Bordercrossing Bolivia - Peru <

We are covered by a blue sky mixed with ice clouds in a fresher climate. Through the sunshine we can still show some skin here and there but for the most part it is rather chilly here. Therefore warmer clothing is an undeniable advantage.

The two ruins next to us, connected by a sort of bridge you can sense in the shadow, represent the Border between Peru and Bolivia. Locals are crossing it very freely. The colorful ponchos can be seen everywhere and woman love to use it in all kinds of ways including to carry groceries and even babies. Crossing a border feels like entering a whole new field of consciousness. It is a step into a whole new arrangement of emotions, thoughts, rules, morals and habits - it really is just one step where all this changes, forms one culture and leaves another behind.

In this case I would have loved to spend more time in Bolivia before heading to Peru with the passport in my hand but on the other hand I feel so blessed to have time to travel at all and have my love Marcinha everywhere I go.

South America to me has such a different vibe to it then Europe and going to various countries there made me realize how every country in itself differs tremendously from each other. I love how open, receptive, friendly and exchanging many people are that we foreigners come across. Even though those two countries are not the wealthiest in terms of material possession or financially talking, their spirit is well alive and endless smiles can be found across the boarder in either direction.

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