BLESSINGS | Holy waters of Espírito Santo

> BLESSINGS | Holy waters of Espírito Santo <

I am feeling pure liberation as I am standing right behind an enormous waterfall that is splashing down with an unbelievable force. Sharp, by the water, polished black stones are surrounding me as I am opening my arms to let as much as possible of this moment be sucked in by my whole being.

I am deeply filled with gratitude for this blessing I am receiving. In front of me you can sense the trail we walked on to get here that features some minor climbing sections too. Various types of green are decorating the wet stones which are brought forth through this humid environment.

Water is the best resource for purification and what better way to clean my soul next to this vast rush of massive amounts of this element. They once told me it is easier to connect to the spirit world being underneath a waterfall. Here in Brazil it is very common to lack all kinds of signs, rangers and handrails which make it easy to get close to attractions like this. This specific wildlife spectacle is not even well known in the state of Espirito Santo which shows the immense abundance of natural treasure that South America has to offer.

We were actually alone for the entire time we stayed here and there were no lines for tourists or anything like that. The parking lot is rather small and it is not to be expected in the next years to change. I love exploring new territories and all the efforts it takes and fears that need to be broken through is always worth a moment like this one here.

What about you: have you ever been to a waterfall? If yes, which one(s)?

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