BALANCE | Exploring River Beds on Maui

> BALANCE | Exploring River Beds on Maui <

Hiking in the wild is one of my favorite things to do. It brings me very deep into the moment because usually every step needs to be done with caution.

Below me is slippery wood, placed there by a fallen tree that connects two parts of land divided by a river bed. I am holding on to branches and putting my center of gravity low to have more balance. It is only possible to think and go step by step until I reach the other side. One mistake and I would fall many meters deep into the water which can always be a risk.

I am surrounded by a beautiful landscape with an amazing soundscape with a close by mini waterfall but can't really focus upon that right now. In the distance you can see the valley created by the endless stream of water that has been constantly running for hundreds and thousands of years at least. The tree I am on features an interessting roots system. Rocks are guiding the water downstream and the rather humid climate and moist air is causing a green overall scenery.

Nature is always refelcting everyday life attributes to us and today I am confronted with the act of balancing my body. Holding an equilibrium is also a feature we often need to fulfil in a more westerized world. In a dual system that we still find ourselves in most of the time it can be extremly helpful to create balance. This can be between nutrition, a range of relationships, making choices and goes as deep as into politics.

Through learning how to balance my body it feels like I am also balancing my brain and my decisions in life in general. Where I am now I feel like everything is in equilibrium and that I am on the perfect path forward. One step at a time and I know at one point I will reach my goal until I create a new one, as long as I can keep the balance.

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