Back to the future?

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Hi Trippers,

Friday: Check!

I am now currently in Chorin. We moved here last Sunday with the help of our good friend Manu. He took us here for free which is not very usual in today's generation. We left him some gas money in his car because he was refusing our offer to put some gas in his car. It was probably 3 hours of his time that he took and then about 150km. All for free! This is amazing! Thank you again for this Manu.

So we left Berlin and will always have great memories. We already put all our things in the Apartment and I created my Altar like I always do. It features a statue of Isis and many crystals and stones. We also always clean the house or place we move to with white salvia and palo sante. After these rituals we feel home immediately.

Here there is not really anything happening. It is a really small village. Feels like a time travel in the past. But i also think we will calm down as a human species and start prefering more peaceful and simple places like here again. So far I only took one walk because it is usually grey and cold outside. But this is exactly what I was asking for: silence and peace. So much to integrate and balance out of what has happened recently. Here I find time to reflect and get everything organized for the upcoming chapters in my life.

We have a oldschool oven which I need to heat every day with wood and coal to keep us warm. That already keeps me pretty busy. Internet finally arrived on wednesday and since then I have been working on my projects. Especially Trippin' through Dimensions and my Channelling. The newest discovery of something I really enjoy is alchemy. I am now creating my own Rapé.

I went into the woods one day like I said and ate some mushroom growing on a tree. I have no idea what kind of mushroom this was. I asked nature to guide me. I somehow ended up standing in front of a huge tree called an Eiche. From nowhere I received the message to get some of its skin to produce some native Rapé. Also to use poison ivy and mix it in there. Later that day I went on Amazon to buy a mortar to keep working on it with more detail. It is already working great and I am sure it will become a big part of my Rapezito project.

The first time I took Rapé was during an Ayahuasca Ceremony with the Huni Kuin in Rio de Janeiro. It really blew my mind. I was so dizzy and had to touch some plants in order to come back into my body. It was a strong and intense experience. In general the overall experience of this session including the tea nixi pae was overwhelming and life changing. I remember that I went into this trip with the intention to let the great spirit show me where I am from. It took me on a never ending adventure that is still going on. From the first sip to the last minute it was powerful and impressive. It was a completely and throughout positive experience. I have no words to describe it and can only recommend it for everybody to travel with yuxibu and nixi pae at least once in their lives.

I can feel some cold wind on my legs and need to put more fire in the oven. I think that also does it for today and this week. We will stay here for quiet a while and I will try to make a picture of the great Eiche tree to show you. It really looks like a great teacher and I can not wait to take my first journey with it. Probably until next time I have tried and can tell you all about it.

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice Trip.

from the heart,


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