ASTONISHING | Highlands in Bolivia

> ASTONISHING | Highlands in Bolivia <

My hiking boots are sinked into coarse sand as I find it difficult in my mind to comprehend what I am looking at. In my field of view is pure red water in a huge lake at a height of more than 4000 Meters above sea level.

The white, red and blue color play is said to be created through algae in the waters. I remember a friend once telling me he thinks this place is not made for humans to attend. Green-yellowish little grass bushes are decorating the sheer dune-like landscape right in front of me which turns into a beautiful brown-ocher mud eyes spectacle as it enters the water.

In the far distance you can sense the altitude of this place since there is no more vegetation happening on the extremely fine polished mountain range that is backed up with a smooth cloud formation. All in all it looks a bit like we are on a different planet.

What I haven’t mentioned yet is my favorite part of this place. If you look close there are actually countless Flamingos merged with the lake as they are standing inside of it. You can sense their intriguing amount following the view of my eyes to the left of my head where they appear only as little dots which must be hundreds of them. A smaller group is more clearly visible on the right side of the picture in the deep blue part of the lake. It is said that this lake is the home of the 3 different kinds of Flamingo species they have up here in the Bolivian high altitude region of the Cordillera Occidental.

Never would I have thought that we have places like this on our planet until I saw it for myself. Travelling has truly reemerged the mystery in life to me and I just won’t stop exploring our mother earth in all her facets because it leaves me speechless and in pure awe of creation itself.

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