Are grey days really necessary?

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Hi Trippers was geeeeht?

Friday time! Same apartment. Same keyboard. Same city.

I am back into a rhythm in my life and just like last week there is no photos taken to show you. Basically I am still locked into this cell in Berlin working a lot everyday. But there is so much nice projects coming that I am sure it is all worth it.

The other day I was sitting in the U-Bahn and this thought came to my mind. Life presented me with a grandiose Paradox. I was thinking again one of my most favourite thoughts:

What do you want? Is what you want the same as what you need? Where is the difference? Is there one at all? What do you need?

And then it just hit me out of nowhere! It was now here!

The contradiction about life is that we ALL want to live. When it comes down to it we want to be alive, we want to be able to have experience. Mostly we only realize this in moments when we get sick or in isolation. But that is what it really is. It all comes down to wanting to exist. It is also what we need. The funny thing is that we already have this, all of us, forever. It is natural law. It is the underlying function of the universe. It is what it is doing all the time already or anyway.

So why do I ask myself what I want or need all the time?

After I realized all this what was happening in the U-Bahn I must say: I don't know anymore! And this gives me incredible freedom.

My guide Markus always told me one of his self created believe systems:

You actually already have everything you need but you can always have more...

I thought to myself what does he mean by this?

Indeed, you already have everything you need at all times, but you can always have more. It really makes sense now on such a deep level. I used to think I always have everything I need in a sense of always something to eat and survive but now it turns this believe to a whole other level. When I realized what he truly means by this my heart opened and I could feel lots of love. And that is what it comes down to also. It is also something we all want to feel and also need to feel. But it is what makes all this happen in the first place so we are constantly surrounded by it, for free. It is really funny how this all works! And then I see people rushing around all day trying to survive. Even though this is a constant given by source. So funny! I swear I am laughing right now inside of me. It is hilarious!

So I am finding myself during this time on my journey through planet earth right in the middle of this craziness. On Tuesday I worked for one of my closer friends parents in the garden again... because I think so deep I need money that I force myself to do things I think I don't really want to do. But maybe now with my new insights this is what I really want to do. And after all who cares?

On Saturday I hosted my last self created Roda de Rapé in the middle of a crowded park which is called Gleisdreieck park. Germans are great. They like to create dark cloudy grey skies during the week so they can focus on work and get frustrated to create sun and good vibes on the weekend. I have been observing this phenomena a lot here. Someone should do a statistic about it. It sometimes is really obvious to me.

Sunday I met my crew. We ate vegan cake together and took a walk together which was so relaxing. We had great conversations and amazing topics that came up. I love my people here! Thank you!

Monday I was all about finishing the soul contract cleansing and on Wednesday I created another VLOG until 7 in the morning. My fiancé had her first day working in Germany and came home completely exhausted. Now she finally is learning what it means to be a German and can stop complaining about us having "more" in a sense of money and being a "privileged" race. So this goes out to the whole world: There is a reason Germany is on top economically because people here work like little b****** and turn into machines. We all deserve it, you go Germans! Keep up the hustle! But don't forget to go easy and take vacations! You can also enjoy life on planet earth not working all life!


Yesterday I met Niklas again. The famous guy from earlier in my BLOG that helped us a lot. He is finally back on his way to Rio and out of this machine here. I also created another Rapé that is really tasty because it is made with fresh organic herbs direct out unaltered natural earth from my friend Patrickis place in Brazil. If you want to go there yourself one day you need to come on the Minas Trip! It is really worth it!

Also my YahYel Tour Promo Video got done and I absolutely love it:


It feels good to reflect on my weeks for some month now...

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice trip!

from the heart,


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