ANIMALS | Funny times with a Lama in Machu Piccu

> ANIMALS | Funny times with a Lama in Machu Piccu <

The green grass carpet is divided by high constructed rock steps. The alterations of altitude were most probably created by mankind and the stones in the walls cutting into the landscape have all kinds of different sizes and shapes. It is said that the civilization living here was deeply involved in agriculture and combining different kinds of vegetables to also create new species. Maybe they used these shaped fields you see here to plant in different ways and conditions to play around with possibilities of achieving altered crop.

On the left side you can see my happy fiancé taking a peak under her sunglasses with her naked eyes. What makes this picture special to me is the llama we captured. It seems to be living fairly free and not bound by fences or farmers at the time. We are actually on top of Machu Picchu and there are a lot of them walking around the area.

Ever since I started connecting more consciously with our home world earth through travelling, I also rediscovered my bond with our animals.

So I still don’t know which of the two living beings are funnier to me in this moment of time that is captured here. They are both so cute and all I want to do is cuddle them to infinity. The smile on both their faces is reflecting a special union that I think all of us are in a process of remembering between our human species and the animal kingdom. After all we share one planet together and as if the posing llama was aware of the camera the link we have is demonstrated in a really joyful way in this photo.

What do you feel when you think about animals?

Let us know in the comments below!

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