ANCIENT | Remaining Mayan culture in Yucatan

> ANCIENT | Remaining Mayan culture in Yucatan <

Heavy mid-day sun is lighting up a mysterious part of history for mankind. Shadow can only be found directly under the big trees this place is surrounded by. A light duffle bag in pink packed with only what is really needed makes us be in an explorer mode of this ancient past. Moving around more freely can be crucial in tropical weather conditions.

We are trying to catch all kinds of angles to get many different viewpoints on our still visible standing past. Currently we are standing on top of a hill created by stone blocks. These broken down ruins are lying in front of a good taken care ground of grass which in the middle is cut out by a still intact prehistoric ruin. On the well-kept building structure there are many forms of geometry and all kinds of symbols that were analyzed by many Archeologists and Anthropologists.

The Godess of Chaac that was also supposed to be responsible for rain can be found on the right corner with a hook possibly representing his nose. In this area of Yucatan in Mexico he was desperately needed to break the long periods of drought.

The two entrances into the construction are fairly small and it is said that in Mayan tradition before you enter a house, which might have been a sacred space, you should bow down in order to show respect before entering a building.

Meaning is always something we are aiming to achieve on our journeys by exploring the past, staying in the present and creating desired future scenarios.

What fascinates you about ancient cultures?

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