An ending or a new beginning?

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Was geeeeeeeeeeeeeht Trippers,

It is Friday time it is my time. My time to share with you what has happened this week.

Let us start with the weekend. We had our birthday brother party on Saturday. My good friend Ole turned 28 and myself 34 so we decided to celebrate together. I went to Berlin early so that we could still hit the Turkish market to get food for our about 30 expected guests. Man was it chaotic! Too many people and voices from everywhere: "One euro, two euro, complete box, oranges, salad..." Everything is so fast and every time I buy something I feel like I got robbed even though the first price they said was already over 50% cheaper than in a regular supermarket. So even if I can manage to put it down I still feel like I could have gotten it way cheaper.

Anyways we got more than expected and a whole bag full of avocados for 1 Euro was Ole's best buy. Since I am super broke like you know I only ended up spending around 16 Euros for 30 People. That's not bad at all.

The party was nice. Very good friends of mine came and we had a cacao ceremony to connect us all together. Lots of chatting until almost the morning hours before we slept.

Sunday was just to relax and come back to our little house in Chorin.

Monday I was busy the whole day making Rapé. I filmed parts of it and will do a VLOG on "how to make Rapé" that i will upload in many volumes. I actually just now finished chapter 1 and put it on youtube. Lots of hours in front of the computer. But winter in Germany is good for that. So I still have lots of work to do cutting the other videos, uploading and editing. I love getting creative so I am down for it.

Making the Rapé is always really special and I can feel all the spirits coming to help me. Lots of ancestors and beings that want to help me create a permission slip to connect more fully to nature and our inner self. I have now created 6 flavours and different mixes that are ready to be sold. I have tried almost all of them and I am surprised how well everything went. Some of them are really tasty and the energetic sensation I get is really different to the Rapé I know from the jungle. I mixed our German rooted trees inside and also used wild stinging nessle to create my unique alchemy.

That's kind of where I want to be heading in my future. To work with plants and nature. I started opening to this area when I made my life transition back in 2012. When I travelled to Brazil I opened up to lots of spiritual concepts and one of them was affirmations. I made the affirmation like this "I have a piece of land for my family, friends and myself that we all can inhabit". I threw the diary away which I used in my first travel and that had those affirmations. If I'd still have it I would make a picture now to show you it was real. I also used it for throwing coins and counting how many times I could throw heads over tails. I stopped documenting after about 3 month after the number of plus 40 times for heads started to not change anymore. That was prove to me that I could bend the laws of physics. And the land appeared about 1 month after!

I met Sarah in Rio. Interestingly she was also born in Freiburg like myself. She met a group that owned land in Minas Gerais. They called it Jaccu and it was meant to support the golden age that was supposed to hit planet earth for them in the 1970s. So the land is still there because this golden age never started for them. I quickly found a new family and felt very welcomed and home. We had meetings and I started crying because it felt like home. So many like minded people that really struggled with the system. It was a beautiful time. We did a lot on the land and even my family and other Germans came along in 2017 to help us.

Just yesterday I heard from my friend Sarah that now they have made stricter rules for Jaccu which to me are far away from the original idea I had. So I am out of the project for good now but I wish them all the best! I will still go visit them and always carry them in my heart. Part of our Trip that we offer on this page also features this area in Minas Gerais. There is no cell phone service and it is really off grid nature living. There is fresh water from the mountains and fresh home-grown vegetables and fruits.

I also took my fiancé there multiple times and we became good friends with the locals. I can not wait to be back there. I always remember the gate that is there that needs to be opened after a 4-5 hours drive from Rio. This is always the best moment. Breathing the air and arriving in total peace.

Other than that this week has also been quiet. I did my roda de Rapé in Trampe on Tuesday and we had 2 participants and I had one helper. We had a wonderful ceremony and felt really close to German mother nature. Tomorrow is the next Rapé session. On Wednesday until today I spend too many hours in front of the Laptop but I also got many things done.

But there is still a lot more to do like turning in my coupon from my birthday that my fiancé made to go to a jazz night TOnight =).

See you next Friday...

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice trip!

from the heart,


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