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Trippin' on Ilha Grande 2020 | 06.03 - 14.03 | Part 4

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Vila do Abraão


- Vila do Abraão - is the main arriving point on - Ilha Grande -. So here we can find many restaurants, some supermarkets and usually crowded sand streets which is unusual for the paradise Island. Nevertheless it is very peaceful and a fact that only in Abraão we can find a few infrastructural used cars, like one abulance, a police car and some construction vehicles. Once in a while we can watch the police coming by using two motorcycles but other than that everything here is moved by foot, hand-held carriages and bicicles.


Seemingly endless Exploration Possibilities


A few days or even a week is too short to get to know the Island and all its possibilities. From Abraão there a three major ways to head to the south, west and east part of Ilha Grande.

Adding to the accessible hiking diversity, comes many food options, live music, a close by state park with a few attractions and a variety of near by beaches.


If you want to know more you can click on our - On Ilha Grande - offer to see specific details with names.


The local State Park


Besides a long beach strip with some beautiful rocky parts in the beginning the highlights of the state park, which is accessible on the west end of the Village, are a - former Prison - , the - Black Sand Beach -, an - Aqueduct - and the - Natural Pools -.




Another Highlight and one of our favourites is the hike to - Praia do Abraãozinho -. On the way we are passing a tree with gigantic roots intertwining. Sometimes the unexpected things can be more impressiv than the actual destination. There is plenty to be explored here on the Island.

In us humans there is the constant ambition to want more. These factors make us ignore all we already achieved. It is essential to be grateful for who we are, what we have and the beautiful life that surround us. Allow yourself to see the wonders of your daily life.

- Happiness -


On Abraãozinho beach we enjoy our existance. We create more time and space to have chats about our lives.

Everybody is welcome to join us. We are open to all religions, backgrounds, paradigms and world views. Seen from the right angle, differences can only enrich our perspectives on our human race as well as ourselves.

- Meaning -

Sharing stories and learning about each individual is a great pleasure for us and one of our main goals on our Trips.


One of Braziians Finest


One day we took a boat ride in the morning to arrive at Pouso Beach after about an hour cruising on the sea.

From there after a 20 minute walk we arrive on the seventh most beautiful voted for beach in entire Brazil called - Lopes Mendes -.

As if this wasn't good enough; On our way back from Lopes Mendes beach we encounter some wild monkeys.


Not an average Dining experience


After all the impressions we live during the daytime life doesn't just yet stop serving us with Trips into different Dimensions back home after the twilight. Eating special prepared Food can be a very powerful experience which we don't want to miss out on during our Adventures.

On our trips we always set intentions to drink pure water directly from nature as well as have fresh organic meals. This can help tremendously to shine light into our bad habits. It automatically has a positive influence on our behaviours. It also clears our system to realign our molecular and internal structure.

- Purify -

Everyday we offer a self made meal fresh from the kitchen.


A Perfect Ending


What a show it has been. What a blessing it was to be lived! We deeply appreciate the times here on Ilha Grande, the Paradise Island, how we like to call it. Nothing is left but graditude and memories seemingly out of a dream.

See you soon!

Trippin' on Ilha Grande 2020 | 06.03 - 14.03 | Part 4
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