Am I still BLOGGING?

Was geeeeeeeht Trippers,

I am writing this on the last day of February but it is actually about the week that is missing in the BLOG.

So last time I was heading to Brazil. I finished my VLOG story of a camera and a dream and packed my bags to start again a new chapter in my life.

We said good bye to our landlords Otti and Marianne which were incredible hosts for our stay in Chorin for the month and Manu came to help us with all our bags that are still up to today in his car. He dropped us off at S-Bahn station Frankfurter Allee where we ate at the Asian fast food restaurant to have our stomachs not complaining throughout the 8 hour Flixbus travel to Frankfurt airport. My Emotions ran crazy with all the memories passing through me that I had created in the past 7 months here in the country I was born. Nevertheless I felt extremely blessed and fortunate to be able to return to my 2nd home that sometimes felt like my only one.

From the airport in Frankfurt we had like 6 hours until our flight which we appreciated as well as waited forever but since we are masters in missing flights it was good to arrive this early. We stopped over in Rom, went out to see the main attractions and headed back to the airport to successfully board flight Alitalia to Rio de Janeiro. Man was I happy and glad!

Coming to Rio I was really motivated to continue with the BLOG and also creating content for a VLOG. But like things usually go here I was more busy staying in the now moment and to be present with what actually is then to only record stuffs and be worried what material to have to work with later. I did not want to relive where I actually went and what I actually experienced, later on camera. It is still difficult for me to live both at the same time and make recording something more natural as time goes by. Nevertheless I tried to do my best and It actually worked until I deleted all my recordings of Ilha Grande on the last day there.

Including one day before leaving for Ilha Grande with my friend Johannes that arrived the same day we left for this paradise I accidently got rid of all footage. I had collected the first days on camera, which covered my visit to zona norte to see a friend I initially started this crazy journey with who I randomly met in the favela I first decided to stay in 2013. The other day I went exactly there to Rocinha to meet my friend max who has one of the most amazing places to live in Rio because of the stunning view that covers both sunrise and sunset at one of highest points in the favela. All the tourist attractions can be seen from there and its always a pleasure to be back there.

On day 4 we left early morning from the airport after picking Johannes up with two more friends from my fiancé Marcinha. Until Sunday our stay there was booked and we mostly just went with the flow of the Group of people that all came to the Island together to have their annual vacation. They are mostly work friends from the last job my lovely other half life companion had.

After being woken up by people growling we left to move to another apartment and went right into a wrestling match that demonstrated what can happen when you start drinking as soon as the sunlight hits the sky. Our host said they do this everyday and later they be back drinking together saying they love each other. Since we are Germans and our skin came fresh from minus degrees a couple days before, we decided to take it more slow and stay in the shadow cornering or in our apartment while the Brazilians went to barbeque their bodies in 30+ degrees and releasing their work stress with litres of beers. As the heat dropped in the afternoon we decided to hike to a beach 2 hours and almost 5 km away instead of taking the boat and had amazing journey through the forest. I am still a bit mad I can't show you footage because of the self caused accident of loosing all evidence. The sun that comes through the dense leaves gives an epic cinematic view and effectual feature through this lighting sensation hitting the path to walk through the jungle. We came out of the forest at Palmas beach and were there almost alone. A seemingly native stepped out of one of the houses behind us with his stand up paddle board and by the time he was done, about an hour later, sitting in a chair with a huge joint behind us it was time for us to head back before sunset. What a life voices constantly were overwriting my minds more usual worried chatter that I have heard so intensely just days ago in Germany. The first moments of peace and ultimate relaxing sensations started hitting me in this moment. Feelings of having done everything right in my life up to this point fulfilled me with absolute and deep peace. God had I missed this feeling. Coming back we rounded off the day with home cooked meals and were in full satisfaction with body, mind and spirit.

The next day we took it slow again, looked for cheap accommodation to stay one more night, cornered and waited for Marcinha to come back from her own trip to Palmas. Since it was time for the group to go back to work it was just us three to remain on the island. We found a place with a outdoor shower, made some more delicious food and hit the black sand beach that is not too far from the main settlement on Ilha Grande. The fact that there is no cars on the island really takes out the speed of life and we were letting this vibe run through our fast adjusted programming we get to experience in usual everyday life. Brazil is already known for a slower pace and I caught some nice footage of the cashier people really taking their time sliding the groceries over the scanner while having a good talk with the customers. Also the oldschool way of getting the supply to all kinds of places with a cart due to the complete lack of motorized vehicles pushed by many guys in absolute sun burning heat was fascinating to me.

Waking up another morning we finally decided to go camping and before heading into the wild and a at night empty beach we stopped by some friends I have known since 2014. They went to live on the Island where they first met about a decade before beginning of this year and have an amazing place (airbnb). Daniel gave me a quick tour through the property that has about4-5 different fruits growing on trees and a species of very little bees that are known to create one of the highest quality honeys in the world. Again I would love to show you Pictures and Videos but it just wasn't meant to be to be around this time.

After a stop by the natural pools and one and a half hour hike we finally arrived at one of my favourite places on earth that I will not tell you by name. We put up the tents and struggled creating fire for 30 minutes until adding a piece of toilet paper did the whole trick. We enjoyed the rest of the day with sounds coming out the Spongebob ukulele and sandwiches freshly made with the help of our flashlights. The highlight was a baby Gecko not longer than 4cm appearing in Marcinhas hair that dropped on our canga after she got scared with his heart racing staying a bit in shock himself after leaving us to go back into the wilderness.

In the morning waking up to natures sounds of waves and wild insects noises out the forest we took a swim in the ocean with countless little fish swarming around, put up the hammock and were visited by the same guy that offered the Brazilian group we stayed with in the beginning a boat trip. It turned out he already hiked the Island 7 times including a week trip just with a hammock and a 28 days trip. He and his Argentinean girlfriend want to start a trip to south America this year just with a backpack for about a year. Travelling like this always makes me meet brave people like this and it reminds me of a guy I met 2 years ago in a hostel that travelled south America by bike and another one that travelled south America with a motorcycle. We stayed chatting with them for some more before we headed back to the main village because my girlfriend needed to go back to Rio. Txai Johannes aka Jo Anderson and myself found another private 2 bedroom place to stay for 10 Euro each and ended the night with 2 amazing home made burgers and our soon to be favourite occupation cornering. The synchronisation of rain starting and ending always in perfect timing of us being either inside or outside made us clear we are perfectly in alignment with Yuxibu.

Going back to Rio the next day we missed the bus on a rainy day but made the best out of it by lunching for many hours before arriving in Santa Teresa late at night where we went to eat pizza at Tribas that has a unique way of toppings and a whole grain crusty baked dough. The boat trip crossing to the main land was featured by flying fish which gave us reason to be amazed as well as the armadillo like being climbing a tree in Santa. The mysteriously moving animal in the bushes of the view point plaza up in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro from which we saw the endless billion night lights flashing city that never seems to sleep was the 3rd animal attraction of the day. Our host ended up being a friend of Stefan I met in Rio 2016 that I already spend time with twice which was a funny coincidence.

After saying good bye I took an Uber to see my fiancé for the last night before venturing out of Rio into the sacred lands of Minas Gerais. The little Wednesday post was made on the following day and I finally allowed myself to break the strict German created Friday Rhythm of forcing myself to post and deliver in a steady unchangeable pace totally out of flow.

to be continued...

This is I, lit, living the live & wishing you a nice trip!

from the heart,


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