Am I about to break out of the slump?

Hey Trippers was geeeeeht,

Friday time!

Where can I start?

I am just writing down my thoughts as they go! I have learned and am learning again and again, day for day to be more of myself and trust the process.

Now what does that mean?

I went so deep in myself that I have discovered there is no ending. Since there is no ending there is also no beginning. So becoming more of myself means opening up to more and more potential of who I could be and widening the range of possible outcome realities I am moving into. It also means always coming back to the present moment. Staying right here right now.

I really enjoyed living here in Köthener Straße in Berlin for almost 2 weeks now. Everyday I see the same view. I am in the 6th floor and today it is really grey again. But nonetheless since I was asking last week are grey days really necessary I can now answer this with yes. Of course they are necessary. I have lived the last 2-3 years of my live visiting a ridiculous amount of countries: Brazil, England, Scottland, Wales, Egypt, Greece, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Morocco, Columbia, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Prague, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay.

To be back in the country of my birth now with no money left (current bank account status: -1163.21,- Euro | Coinbase: +283,- Euro | Cash: 375,- Euro) I am a little bit stuck to the situation and place I am in. I have basically just ate onions with lentils and oil the last days. Some noodles here some vegetables here but cooking everyday for myself. My Fiancé went to Munich studying but today she is coming back! But I have truly worked probably 12-14 hour shifts for 2 weeks straight and all the sudden am sitting here with 375,- Euros laying on my floor. I made some more but decided to spend about 30,- Euro to add some more vegetables and fruits to my diet since I love spending money on food. I think its one of the best investments we can make because our bodies are our greatest gifts for this earth human experience. Also to travel around in Berlin it always costs me 4,50,- Euro since I am not riding the public transfer illegal anymore no matter the circumstance. Then I spend 20,- Euro to buy my fiancé a backpack for university. So I think I actually made about 450,- Euro being here this whole time. And I must admit only 80,- Euro came from a job that wasn't really my highest excitement. The rest came from following my joy and my projects of working with rapé, travelling and channelling. So it looks like I could be on to something.

Also my famous for doing this parents just transferred 200,- Euro spring money to me for nothing after I declined their help with my financial situation. They really bail me out a lot liking it or not and I am very thankful for this.

So you could say I am going through lots of root chakra and core base energies these last weeks and trying to solve my issues with money. I have been so high in mental realms and away from the physical mainstream human here and now that I am now looking for a save landing space. I hope that I can move and create my home base in a warmer country and don't get stuck here in good old Germany. Also I hope I can finally leave this drought behind and fill up my bank account again. Also having some kids around would be the biggest dream come true for now. Of course there are these E.T.s too that are somehow very interesting to me.

Talking about them I finished organizing the 2nd tour for them to get more recognition on our planet and they are very thankful for this. I also brought through Markus Samu LL i from the YahYel again on Tuesday and it blew me away again. When he is talking through me I feel such deep states of relaxation and joy it is truly a blessing to be able to have talent for this kind of communication.

If you understand the german language and are interested:


Yesterday I hosted my last Roda de Rapé with my more and more closer growing friend Rapha who I truly admire for who he is and what he is doing. Thank you again from this BLOG! We had a circle of 5 people and 7 including us two and that is my record for hosting a Roda de Rapé. Also for my other project of clearing soul contracts 5 amazing beings showed up to support me and let themselves be more clearly supported by their inner guidance.

On Saturday I wanted to spend the last day until tonight with Marcinha but she was so busy with her things that I ended up enjoying the good weather with some of my friends and shared time with her in the late evening hours until the morning. Sunday I went back to the vegan cake spot that the general Andreas made visible for us and had great talks with nice human beings that also are very passionate for music. I discovered the way to make time-lapse videos and played around with it walking through Berlin to have at least some content for my VLOG from these 2 weeks hustling and grinding to the fullest.

Probably the most exciting thing I created this week was the Ilha Grande trip that is now online and ready to be joined by you. There is nothing like it and spending time in this paradise has no value transferable to money. I can't wait to be back there even though this week was really fun in good old Germany too.


Well that was what my mind was telling me for now reflecting back on my week. Thank you for reading and sticking around! Love you very much and don't expect me next Friday since I am going to Spain with Werner on Thursday and leave all the technology behind for unknown time!

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice trip!

from the heart,


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