All this in just one week?

Was geeeeeeeeeeht Trippers,

what a week it has been.

Yesterday, this trippin' writing and tripper that brings you up to date and gives you all the insides and insights to his life turned 34. What a great age to be living on planet earth. I could not be more happy. One more year than Jesus, Jesus! My fiance made this day so special again! I truly love youuuu! My last 4 birthdays are really anchored and stuck in my brains memory base. Now it is going to be 5.

Also to visit came my good friend Johannes aka More Mojoe. He brought his son, which could be the reincarnation of Buddha himself and mother of the son which is always a joy to see them. They are such a special family but I will not spoil the beans here. Anyways thank you More, Katha and LUI! Really special was the situation that occurred after I have given them 5 eggs from our landlord Otti who takes care of some chicken here. I used an older box to put the eggs into. Later they wrote me that it had both dates of Johannes and his son's birthday on it. And don't forget it was my birthday on that day! Synchronisations have been with me all week.

But first let us jump back a little bit to the beginning of this week that of course starts with a Saturday for us. Me and Marcia walked about 3 hours and 10 Kilometres to Eberswalde because I did not want to buy a ticket considering my financial situation. We took some flyers for our trip in February on the way and threw them in any findable mailbox. So far we still haven't found any 'customers' but we keep the hope alive. One of the reasons of our long foot journey was that our fridge was completely empty and we do not have any market in Chorin. The walk was really beautiful even though we started to get wet and it became rainy and cold.

On the way I found 2 empty cans that here in Germany give 25,- cents each. I felt rich and thought how nice that I am saving 3,- Euros for the train and made 50,- cents on the way. I also like to count that as earnings even though it really is more of a saving. After it got dark and it felt a little bit like an indigenous tribe of 2 finding a village with lights and electricity after 3 hours of forest, my fiancé realized she forgot her wallet. GREAT! I have been getting Emails from my bank that they'll block all further transactions and attempts to get cash. But going to a cash machine it still worked with us still worried to pass the card in the supermarket. Anyways it ended up working and we took the food back with the train.

BIG SHOT OUT TO DKB! This bank so far is still paying me ;) What an adventure. I loved the fact of the CEOs of Trippin' through Dimensions going wet with flyers through the cold to advertise their company including their offers. If we have success one day no one will be able to complain about hard work to us. I will respond with: "I had to walk 10km just to get food and was handing out flyers while collecting 50,- cent of Pfand on the way all in the rain freezing." Well if that is what it takes I'll be fine. We had a big laugh out of it.

Later that week I went to see my friend Rapha in Trampe. The day before I made my first homemade and german Rapé for about 4-5 hours which we wanted to try together. At one point we were sitting in his room and I saw a book called Starships. Of course I immediately felt heavy attraction, got the book, opened it and: the first words I saw was Hawaii and Maui. Now what you don't know yet is, that I really want to go there this year and it was my only wish for this year.. Also the YahYel have been saying to have one of their ships located there. It is also home to many Channellers and a paradise in itself. Also it is said to be the last land of ancient Mu or Lemuria with no natural predators. Amazing synchronisation that happened.

Another out of world tripper experience happened when we took a walk and ended up on a huge field. Right before we stepped onto it, the sky was moving away from us no matter where we looked at. Like a sucking energy that pulled all clouds away from where we stood. I am sure it was some kind of vortex. I experienced the same with my Fiancé on the way to Maccu Piccu but in the opposite direction. So all clouds would be sucked into one point in the sky like a black hole would probably do. It was so fast and really obvious to the naked eye. Somehow I have the gift to stay half way calm in those scenarios but it isn't easy to handle.

Adding to this weeks greatness was the experience of the channelling that we hosted. By we I mean the YahYel and me. Two of my close friends came and they gave me money at the end of the channelling. It feels so strange to accept money from friends! Do you also feel that way? Since I can see a friend in every human being really fast the whole concept of money is so strange to me. But anyways I am learning to play with it as one of the tools here on planet earth to get around. Acceptance seems to be the way!

Other than that Chorin is so quiet. Even walking through the forest that should be full of life according to my ideas, there can be minutes with me not even hearing a leave being carried by the wind or a bird making a beep. Exactly what I have been asking for. It is completely different than my experience some years ago in which I lived in a Favela for 9 month. There it is endlessly crowded and there is no way anybody will ever be 1 second in silence. Motorcycles all night, almost 24 hours loud music, gun shots, fireworks to warn the drug dealers and generally people all over the place. I loved life there. I did not see one homeless person all this time around. Even though our western worlds view of places like this is poverty and no education, it often seemed to me like people here have better education in being happy and taking care of each other. The smiles in their faces and joking around all day is anything else but poverty to me. I can hardly recall any time in my life I have laughed so much and felt so warm hearted. Yes, of course, material poverty is all over the place but I would take that all day over emotional poverty.

Only 16 days to go until my grande return to Brazil. My excitement is starting to pick up everyday! See you next Friday...

This is I, lit, living the life & wishing you a nice trip!

from the heart,


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