Along with a trip like we are offering to you come multiple ways to look at the idea of meaning.


Why are we here? What is my purpose? What do I want to achieve in this lifetime? Where do I want to see humanity in the future?


Through our journeys we offer you to be surrounded by these question and find a new meaning. If you are already set on your path, it is just as effective to deepen your old believes. Or you just come along to take a break to breathe.


The goal is to arrive at a point where you will be completely empty, free and ready to let the whole earth experience run through you, to become reenergized in fabulous ways.  If we are lucky enough, we will truly feel how it is to be one with ourselves and our environment which would be the ultimate achievement. From here, our desire for meaning will be fulfilled. We hope to use the opportunity that we are given to establish a life long deep connection to true satisfaction and make this ride on earth a real miracle. With this realization, you will see clearly how astonishing you really already are.


Everybody is welcome to join us. We are open to all religions, backgrounds, paradigms and world views. Seen from the right angle, differences can only enrich our perspectives on our human race as well as ourselves.


We want you to be inspired on all levels. If you desire to start a company, a family, find friends or a partner, do your own travels or just find more peace in your overall life, we are sure our trip will set you off to your unique path, if you choose so. You can lay the foundation for a successful future. Use our trips as a stepping stone to find the strength and confidence to realize how significant you are to our human race.