E.Ts., Ferries & Extradimensional Phenomena 

Welcome Trippers,


Through channelings and ancient stories of São Thomé das Letras we will dive into alternative realities. São Thomé is known as the heart Chakra of Brazil and lies high upon the mountains. It is rather fresh out here and this magical place is surrounded by many sacred waterfalls and deep cave systems. 


São Thomé das Letras is the place to be for new age trippers. Rainbows, high altitudes and a recent Hippie-Community past makes this settlement unique and full of positive vibes. Not long ago the village lived money free and even had a spacecraft hover over their little cute houses for month. Therefore, you can spot many E.T. faces and even statues all around the now grown small city which was caused by a boost in their tourism activity. The location is also known for its highly concentrated Silicium resources which attracts a huge mining business close by. Sacred nature resides all around and can be experienced through visiting countless waterfalls and an interconnected cave system that yet needs to be examined deeper. Here you can let yourself fall into mystical worlds of dwarfs, sorcerers, magicians and elves that some villagers become aware of consuming the endless psychedelic mushrooms around the area. Many sightings of UFOs and extra-terrestrials occur here frequently and they have a rock formation especially named after this phenomenon close by which is called pedra do disco voador. It also led to an UFO ranking system that has been implicated by some of the Hostels in São Thomé . But that is not the only extradimensional experience here since you can get pulled back through your body or in your car in the close-by ladeira de amendoim. Come join us for a magical experience! 


  • 1x fresh breakfast with natural juice 

  • 1x vegetarian/vegan meal a day 

  • 1x daily snack 

  • Transport to and in São Thomé das Letras and back to Rio de Janeiro 

  • All accommodations 

  • Waterpark in Caxambu 

  • Plenty of Waterfalls and caves in São Thomé das Letras 

  • Ladeira do Amendoim magnetic phenomenon 

  • Daytrip s in São Thomé das Letras including Pyramid, Mirante and Cruzeiro visit 

  • Channelling Sessions with the YahYel and friends 

+ Free services during trip (optional) 

  • Pictures & videos (we will bring cameras to take pictures and videos which we will distribute for free after the trip) 

  • Short daily yoga routine 

  • Guided meditations 

  • Breathing exercises 

  • Barefoot hiking 

  • Eye gazing 

  • Sungazing 

  • Magic mushrooms (if we find some or get them offered) 

  • Rapé medicine 

  • Churru medicine 

FLIGHTS to Brazil are not included!

Please book your own flight to Rio de Janeiro.  

We recommend using the following websites to get a nice cheap flight: 




Costs, Payment Options & Availability

1111,- Euro for our first Sao Tomé Tripper. 

Then it will be the regular price of 1333,- Euro.

The first payment will cost you 555,-

The rest is to be paid at least one week before official start of the adventure (you will be reminded). 

You can pay via Paypal, credit card or Sofort Überweisung (Europe only). 

Only the first 4-10 people will be able to purchase a ticket and be part of this journey. We want to keep a close relationship with our travelers and in the group itself. 

You might want to create a checklist of what you would like to bring previous to our trip. Make sure you go through it sufficiently and repeatedly to not forget anything.


Brazil has some immigration requirements for countries such as Canada, USA, China, and others. Before you travel, be sure you have all the necessary documents to enter the country without any problem.

You can check more details about a visa policy in Brazil here, or contact us.

For additional information you can always check our Terms & Conditions page.

Schedule & Location

São Thomé das Letras | 10 Days 

  • Friday: Bus ride from Rio de Janeiro to Caxambu and overnight stay 

  • Saturday: Waterpark in Caxambu, valley van ride to São Thomé das Letras and check-in 

  • Sunday to Saturday: Hikings, caves, waterfalls, homemade food, yoga, meditation, breathing, sungazing, eyegazing, live music, handcraft shops, Pyramid House, Cruzeiro and Mirante visitation 

  • Sunday: Check-out & early morning van ride to Caxambu followed by bus transport to Rio de Janeiro 

Ancient Trips

The unique experience in the "alien" village of São Thomé das Letras, for example, were like a journey to another world for me in which time behaved "different" and very mystical :)


Johannes, Berlin



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