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Trippin' through Minas 2020 | 19.03. - 04.04. | Magic, Myths & More of All

Join us on our journey through Brazil that you won't find anywhere else! We will be briefly exploring Rio de Janeiro before we start our trip to the sacred and mysterious locations of São Thomé das Letras, Cangalha and Vale do Gamarra in Minas Gerais.

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Trippin' through Minas 2020 | 19.03. - 04.04. | Magic, Myths & More of All

Time & Location

19. März 2020, 15:00 GMT-3 – 04. Apr. 2020, 19:00 GMT-3

Cinelândia, Praça Floriano - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20031-050, Brazil

About this Trip

-We are inviting you to join us on our Trippin' through Dimensions Adventure! -

From mega city Rio de Janeiro to pure off grid nature housing, you will get a wide spectrum of Brazilian culture and human living on Earth in the year of 2019. Pure magic, rich culture, amazing people, ancient nature, stunning views, breath taking landscapes as well as natural waterfall baths will make you have a life transforming experience. Our travel mostly takes us through the holy lands of Minas Gerais. In parts, we will be guided by locals. We are going to directly interact with people from the area. Paranormal phenomena and dimensional shifts are easier to occur on our route since we are entering, what is for many Brazilians, the location of the heart chakra in Brazil. It is common to feel a comfortable sensation in your being as your spirit will be lifted naturally being grounded in this region. It is not uncommon that phenomenas from unknown outer, inner and astral worlds occur which make it all the way into our physical realm. This trip gives you a perfect chance to grow deeper roots into our mother earth and at the same time elevate your soul. You can use it either way to ground yourself stronger or make extra dimensional contact. It is just as well possible to take in the whole spectrum of life as it is offered to us. Have your mind blown. Open the doors to yet unimaginable perspectives.


FLIGHTS to Brazil are not included!

Please book your own flight to Rio de Janeiro. 

We recommend using the following websites to get a nice cheap flight:


Here is your package of what is included in the offered price:

Package (all activities are non-obligatory)

- Airport Pickup and Drop-off on 19.03 and 04.04 (if you arrive on other dates, we can not guarantee this service)

- 3x vegetarian/vegan meals a day (partly fresh home grown foods)

- Transport to and in all destinations (Rio de Janeiro, São Thomé das Letras, Cangalha, Vale do Gamarra)

- All accommodations

- Samba in Rio de Janeiro

- Hiking or beach day in Rio de Janeiro

- Original açaí snack from Brazil

- Water park (with functional waters) in Caxambu

- Waterfalls and caves in São Thomé das Letras

- Short daytrips in São Thomé das Letras

- Hiking in Cangalha (1 day) or to Pico do Papagaio (2 day) with Marco

- Day-hike to Vale do Gamarra from Cangalha

- Off grid and permaculture living in Vale do Gamarra with Patrick

- Eco and bio construction exhibition at Eco-Tribo Mãetiqueira

- Bonfires


Free services during trip (optional)

- Pictures & videos (we will bring cameras to take pictures and videos which we will distribute for free after the trip)

- Short daily yoga routine

- Guided meditations

- Breathing exercises

- Barefoot hiking

- Eyegazing

- Sungazing

Additional possibilities (extra costs)

- Rocinha favela tour in Rio de Janeiro

- San Pedro Huachuma ritual at Eco-Tribo Mãetiqueira

- Sweat lodge at Eco-Tribo Mãetiqueira

- Andean cleaning ritual with feathers at Eco-Tribo Mãetiqueira

- Rapé ceremony with the Huni Kuin (if we get lucky =))


Schedule & Location

19.03.2020 - 04.04.2020​ (17 days)


Rio de Janeiro (19.03.2020 - 21.03.2020)

- 19th: Arrival, first meeting and Santa Teresa tour with dining

- 20th: Favela visit, tasting the best açaí of the city(!) and Samba at Pedra do Sal

- 21st: Beach or hiking day, bus ride to Caxambu and overnight stay


São Thomé das Letras (22.03.2020 - 27.03.2020)

- 22nd: Water park in Caxambu, valley bus ride to São Thomé das Letras and check-in

- 23rd to 26th: Hikings, caves, waterfalls, homemade food, yoga, meditation, breathing, sungazing, eyegazing, live music, handcraft shops, Pyramid House, Cruzeiro and Mirante visitation

- 27th: Early morning bus ride and arrival in Cangalha 


Cangalha (27.03.2020 - 30.03.2020)

- 27th to 30th: Bonfire, stargazing, organic homemade food, waterfalls, relaxing activities, yoga, barefoot walks, Pico de Papagaio or day trip on a mountain and meeting Cangalha locals 

- 30th: Day hike or taxi and bus ride to Vale do Gamarra and arrival at Eco-Tribo Mãetiqueira depending on trail condition


Vale do Gamarra (30.03.2020 - 03.04.2020)

- 30th to 3rd: Introduction to permaculture, off-grid living, eco-construction exhibition, bonfire, rapé, organic homemade food, relaxing activities, yoga and meditation

- 3rd: Return to Rio de Janeiro

Additional Possibilities (extra costs)

- 30th to 3rd: San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) Huachuma ceremony, Sweat Lodge and Andean Cleaning Ritual


Rio de Janeiro (03.04.2020 - 04.04.2020)

- 3rd: Arrival and check-in in Rio de Janeiro

- 4th: Goodbye breakfast, story sharing and Airport drop-off


Please Note:

- All activities are non-obligatory.

- Schedule might change as we go according to weather und transport conditions.



The trip will be available for 1999,- Euro for our first Minas 2020 Tripper. Then it will be the regular price of 2222,- Euro. The first payment will cost you 555,- and the rest is to be paid one week before official start of the adventure (you will be reminded).

You can pay via Paypal, credit card or Sofort Überweisung (Europe only).

Only the first 4-7 people will be able to purchase a ticket and be part of this journey. We want to keep a close relationship with our travellers and in the group itself.



You might want to create a checklist of what you want to bring previous to our trip. Make sure you go through it sufficiently and repeatedly to do not forget anything. 



Brazil has some immigration requirements for countries such as Canada, USA, China, and others. Before you travel, be sure you have all the necessary documents to enter the country without any problem. 

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us:


You can find additional information on our site:


Have a fun Trip!

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