We are in the era of technology where everybody is connected all the time with various medias. But what about the connection with yourself?

Give yourself time

Time is one of the keys to self understanding. Don’t be afraid to award yourself with space, leisure and the right to be alone for some moments in your life. This attitude will help you to be in contact with your wishes, fears, desires and dreams that will support you to follow the way of self evolution.

Find silence

This can be the biggest task in this world. However, it is possible as long as you search for it. This practice lifts your state of being to a level where you are able to be more in contact with yourself. It will for example take you deep into your emotions as well as allow you to light up the way you want to live life.

Listen to your feelings

Your feelings are always trying to send you a message. Reflect about what you’re feeling and it will endorse your trust in life. Once you get to know yourself more, it will also assist you in the search for your meaning.

Have self-compassion

Learn to love all sides of yourself. Love your consternations, insecurities and doubts as much as you love your dreams, wishes and ambitions. Let go self-judgement and be kind with your imperfections. Self empathy leads you to the path of happiness.

Become one

We are unique in existence within our own singularities. Nevertheless, we are always connected to everything else which can be a paradox in itself. Self-acquaintance will give you the opportunity to integrate in another level with people, nature and the surroundings. As soon you have better comprehension in this aspect, you will start to integrate and accept everything as one.


The intention with our trips is to make you live all these elements that we consider fundamental for our existence. We believe it will bring bliss, joy and gratitude to your life.

Join us and allow yourself to reconnect with your mind, body and soul on other level.