Trippin' around Ilha Grande

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We are going to paradise and fantasy land...

of water nixies and countless mermaids...


where pirates used to gather and a former prison held many hostages!

Hi Trippers,

ready for some sweat in the jungle and breathtaking beaches?


This place is truly magical and its mystery is hard to dismiss. You will sense the special power this Island carries and its pure charm that will make you fall in love. Not all is beautiful here and darkness has had its dirty hands and heavy boots in the breathtaking sand coasts of Ilha Grande. However when it comes to the visual, audible and sensational part right across the waters from Angra dos Reis nothing but astonishment is left in your being. Pure gratitude and appreciation rise up and come to the surface on a daily basis because it can be found behind every tree and wave.

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  • Airport pick up on Friday until mid day (we leave Rio around 2 o'clock in the afternoon)

  • Complete transport from Rio de Janeiro and back to Rio de Janeiro

  • Cooking equipment, bowls, cutlery & preparation tools

  • Food and drinks (just supply and preparation - not the carrying)

  • Accommodation if needed (heavy rain) or local camping grounds

  • Everyday hiking to outstanding beaches (total of ~30km)

  • Long breaks to rest on the paradise beaches

  • Bonfire if possible

  • Guidance in 3 languages: german, english and portuguese

  • Airport drop-off on Friday (night)/Saturday (please note that we will arrive late in Rio on Friday)


Places and beaches include the following:


During the hike to Abraão:

  • Praia Araçatiba

  • Praia Longa

  • Praia de Tapera

  • Praia Enseada Sitio Forte

  • Matariz

  • Praia do Bananal

  • Praia de Araça

  • Freguesia de Santana

  • Japariz

  • Guaxuma

  • Saco do Céu

  • Cachoeira Feiticeira

  • Praia Feiticeira

  • Piscina Natural

In Abraão:

  • Praia Preta

  • Praia Comprida

  • Praia Abraão

  • Praia da Julia

  • Praia Abraãozinho

Pictures of recent trips of these places


What do you need?

  • Flight to Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

we recommend using the following websites to get a nice flight:


We would love to help you with the research and booking process for free. Just write us a mail:


  • Passport (at least 6 month valid before expiring date)

  • Visa (depending on your country of origin)

  • Waterproof hiking backpack

  • Comfy and tested hiking boots

  • Tend and warm cloth or blanked at night (hammock with raincover is also possible)

  • Space for enough water and food to help carry

  • Toilet paper

  • Flashlight

  • Lighter

  • Alarm clock


Helpful accessories:

  • Snorkelling equipment

  • Portable charger/Solar charger

  • Hammock

  • Snacks (nuts & dried fruits)

  • Books to read

You might want to create a checklist of what you would like to bring previous to our trip. Make sure you go through it sufficiently and repeatedly to not forget anything.


Brazil has some immigration requirements for countries such as Canada, USA, China, and others. Before you travel, be sure you have all the necessary documents to enter the country without any problem.

You can check more details about a visa policy in Brazil here, or contact us.

For additional information you can always check our Terms & Conditions page.

Costs, Payment Options & Capacity

The more trippers who will join us, the cheaper the price:

1 - 1777,- Euro p.P.

2 - 1555,- Euro p.P.

3 - 1333,- Euro p.P.

4 - 1111,- Euro p.P.


If you are booking as a couple or a group than let us know so we can already adjust the prices.


If you book as traveller number 1 and pay the full price, the overpaid amount in case of other travellers joining will be refunded to you! Same counts for traveller 2 and 3.


The first payment will cost you 555,- Euro and the rest is to be paid one week before official start of the adventure.


We will only be able to host 4 guests on this tour

We accept the following payment options:

  • Credit Card

  • Paypal

  • Transferwise

  • Sofort Überweisung (Europe only)

Schedule & Location

Day | From - To (Hike in KM) | Attractions | Overnight Stay


  • Friday | Rio de Janeiro - Araçatiba | Praia Araçatiba | Pousada

  • Saturday | Araçatiba - Enseada Sitio Forte ~6km | Longa/Tapera/Enseada | Camping

  • Sunday | Enseada Sitio Forte - Bananal ~5km | Matariz/Bananal | Camping

  • Monday | Bananal - Japariz ~8km | Araça/Freguesia de Santana/Japariz | Pousada/Camping

  • Tuesday | Japariz - Feiticeira ~6km | Guaxuma/Saco do Céu/Feiticeira | Camping

  • Wednesday | Feticeira - Abraão ~4km | Feiticeira waterfall/Natural pools | Pousada

  • Thursday | Abraão - Abraão | Praia Palmas/Pico do Papagaio/Local beaches | Pousada

  • Friday | Ilha Grande - Rio de Janeiro | Pousada/Airbnb

  • Saturday | Rio de Janeiro | Airport Drop-Off


More detailed schedule will be transmitted after booking!




Places Left


Places Left

Other Ilha Grande Events

We would love to be your hosts and show you around in one of Brazil's most exciting places to enjoy and have a good time. However we are not going to hang out where most of the locals and tourists are. We will actually work out our bodies and butts hiking up to 3 hours each day or 12 km. We will be sleeping on camping grounds or remote areas on the beach (so you need a tend and the right gear). This tour is only for true adventure friends and is nothing to joke around. We are going to fight through the jungle and break a lot of sweat. Rewards of incredible beaches, pure air and locations that even Brazilians from the mainland do not come around often will be part of our daily experience. We might get short and water and food which makes this trip a true survival venture but we are crossing enough villages to be more than save.

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