“Wow the 3 weeks with Simon as a guide through Brazil were really indescribable for me. Through his longtime experience in Brazil, Simon has been able to bring me to places that, far from mainstream tourism, have brought me the true beauty of the land (nature and its people).

Just Rio de Janeiro itself is already a fantastic, magical place, full of Brazilian vitality, which can be experienced very close for any traveler due to Simon's local knowledge and his warm heartily nature. You have to get to know this insane city. We spent some time in one of the biggest favelas in Rio (Rocinha) and got a very special impression of the special life there.

The multi-day trip spared in the beautiful paradisiac island Ilha Grande was another highlight of this trip with Trippin’ through Dimensions. Far from mass tourism, Ilha Grande has wonderful pulsating nature, climate and people. Paradise beaches and jungles.

The unique experience in the "alien" village of São Thomé das Letras, for example, were like a journey to another world for me in which time behaved "different" and very mystical :)

Also, visiting a place without mobile phone reception and power connection but with its own waterfall together with cooking on firewood and inexpressibly beautiful nature around were another highlight of the trip with Simon.

So I did not regret a minute in these 3 weeks travelling. There was always something new to see, hear, smell, and taste.

5/5 stars from me for this priceless travel guide Simon at Trippin’ Through Dimension. I could write a lot more but you have to experience it yourself. In deep gratitude, Johannes.”


"My journey with Marcinha and Simon was a unique and unforgettable experience, that I will profit from for the rest of my life!

Never will I forget the authentic way we were living with the Huni Kuin, how they treated us as members of their tribe and the way we connected with nature during these days in the jungle.

Marcinha and Simon took great care of us and had everything organised smoothly. It did not take long, until travelling with a group became travelling with friends!"

"I would like to give you a few impressions from my trip with Simon and Marcinha
It was the first time that I went on a trip with Simon and Marcinha.

And I can only tell you that it was great. From the beginning to the last day everything worked out.
I was very impressed by Simon's calmness and Marcinha's liveliness.

Everything was well organized. We were 6 people and we got along great with each other from the beginning.
Even during the trip, everyone took care of another and left no one alone.

We flew from Rio Branco to Jordao. In Jordao we were warmly welcomed by the Huni Kuin.

And afterwards we took two boats across the river to our village.

We stayed at the Huni Kuin for about two weeks.
Our tour guides guided us through the two weeks very well.
They were always there if you had any questions or problems!
We visited some villages and were able to get an idea of ​​how the Huni Kuin live!

We were also allowed to attend various ceremonies.
On a Sunday people from our group distributed gifts and the whole village was there.
There were also gifts in exchange for accesories they make themselves.

With our trip to the Huni Kuin, we also support them in their further development and it's nice to see what has already changed.

I thank Simon and Marcinha for this extraordinary trip
and especially Marcinha for the translation. It wasn’t always easy but she did it with a lot of heart for that a big thank you for both of you!
I can only recommend everyone to make this trip with them!
For me it has done a lot and things changed.

Kind regards




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In 2016, we decided to follow our joy and excitement. The bags were packed, the desire and motivation were on and, during our journey, we realized we didn't want to stop. Life kept taking us through countless astounishing experiences. We crossed various boarders and in a short time, traveling became one of our biggest passions.

Through our expedition we could understand that live is full of surprises and our planet has so much to offer. To visit places with unforgetable landscapes together with the opportunity to see beautiful people sharing their stories and unique cultures are priceless events.


Now we want you to dive into new experiences, in which you can see life through different perspectives. Come join us to feel alive. Become one with yourself and everything that surrounds you. Our aim is for you to be in the highest bliss available as well as share moments of happiness as a collective.

On our page there is a complete package for YOU which it is shared in a full segment. It is a summary of what it is believed you will receive while travelling with us. These experiences will allow you to return with a whole new integrated section interior of your being, filled holistically with satisfaction. It is also guarantee that many destinations are nowhere else online to be found. We are glad about the fact that our way of travelling is truly unique across the eco travel agencies scenario. 

Flexibility and spontaneous manifestation of joyful ideas puts Trippin' through Dimensions in a whole new territory of travel experience. The ability of our travelers to give group suggestions creates potential for unexpected twists and turns in our journey. In order to keep satisfaction on the highest possible outcome, we give each individual the choice to also be on their own. Playfulness and activating the inner child are key elements to our success and why our spirit returns differently than the moment before the trip. These are attributes which different us from other companies.

Be part of our adventures, trip through all kinds of dimensions and rediscover life in its endless mystery.

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